September 11, 2012

Creative Work Day 1

          Today's lab session was for our creative work to be started.  In my group, we were able to start off with our design for our experiment and we were able to do it in a breadboard.  We were able to test if we would meet the objective of our experiment and it turns out great.  Next meeting, we would conduct the rest of the procedures for our experiment and we would end it already. A technical paper would follow of course.

          I hope our experiment would be a success!

September 08, 2012

Creative Work Proposal

   This lab session was used for all the groups to think about their creative work. The creative work is the last experiment that we would do for Physics 102.1 and it was said that we would present it to a panel of judges.  By the end of the session, we were able to decide the topic of our creative work and Sir Pacho approved it.

   Next Monday, we would start doing our creative work.  Few more lab sessions to go! I'm hoping for more physics fun!

August 16, 2012

Electromagnetic Induction

                 It’s the 6th experiment for our 102.1 lab already, it’s called Electromagnetic Induction.  For this day, we were able to meet the objectives of our experiment. We demonstrated Faraday’s and Lenz’ Law and the right-hand rule using an electromagnetic induction set-up.  We were able to determine the relative strength and direction of the induced current and EMF using a galvanometer. We also determined the effects of different factors such as varying magnetic field strength and current on the induced current and EMF. Lastly, we related Faraday’s law to practical applications and this would be seen on our technical paper.
               The problem with this session is that the materials are not sufficient for every group, so what we did was to share materials with the other groups. Thus, we have the same experimental results but of course, we would have different approach to our analysis.
              We have 1 more experiment to go and we would have our creative work already! Looking forward to more physics FUN ^_^

July 25, 2012

Sources of Magnetic Field

                Today we had our 7th lab session and we’ve done experiment 5. Experiment 5 mainly tackled about magnetic field. Due to the topic, we were able to understand more concepts about magnets and the field that it creates and the sources of it. The session is interesting and fun due to our group’s curiosity on magnets. It was really fun playing with iron dust. It looks cool when we place a magnet beneath the paper with iron dust and pull the iron dust around the spaces in the paper.

                We were able to complete our objectives for today. We were able to measure the magnetic fields of materials and we understood how magnetic field affects certain materials. Now the only thing left to do is to create our technical paper. I’m hoping for more physics fun!

July 21, 2012

Capacitors and RC Circuits Part 2

                So we continued our experiment from our last lab session. Last time we just computed for the actual values using theoretical values and reformulating some concepts that we know. This time we were able to acquire real experimental data through the use of Lab Quest. We performed series and parallel set-ups to measure the effective capacitance of capacitors being used. We used our lab quest to record and save the graph of charging and discharging of the capacitors.

                It was really enjoying to see the graph of charging and discharging. We were able to do many trials to make sure that the graph is consistent. Good thing I always have my usb in my bag. Now we’ll do our technical paper for Capcitors and RC circuits.

                Looking forward for more Physics Fun! ^_^ 

July 13, 2012

Capacitors and RC Circuits

            It’s our 5th lab session and we had our 4th experiment. The lab session was really awesome due to the dissecting of a cylindrical plate capacitor. We really had a hard time dissecting it. It was really hard and we really don’t know how to open it but in the end, we were able to dissect it and see its parts. Another time-consuming part of the session was the designing of our own experiment to meet the objectives of the capacitors and RC circuit experiment.  It was really difficult to experimentally acquire data for establishing relationships of voltage, charge, and capacitance.  In the end, we resort to our theoretical calculations and used our own method to calculate what experimental values we should expect.

             This session was somewhat different from the previous sessions. We really did some critical thinking this time and used all our knowledge to complete our objectives.  The experiment is not done yet. We would continue the unfinished part this coming Monday.
              I’m hoping for more Physics Fun! ^_^

July 04, 2012

DC Circuit Analysis: Kirchoff’s Rules

          Another lab session has ended and again it was a new experience.  For our lab session, we were able to analyze the connection system of a breadboard and how to solve for current, potential difference, and resistance when a series or parallel connection is on a breadboard.  After the “exercises” given by Mr. Pacho, we continued with our experiment.  We were able to construct a 2-loop circuit in a breadboard.  It was really fascinating. I was the only one new to this breadboard in our group so I really had an amazing time learning about how series or parallel circuits should be constructed.  In the end, we were able to measure and record all the data needed and we also completed the objectives of our experiment.
           During the experiment, we really had a tough time with our resistors.  We replaced our resistors many times due to the defects it had after several minutes exposed to a current. Maybe some of it was not really of good quality so it burns easily or sometimes the metal rods break.  We also had a problem with our DC voltmeter, so we changed it after an hour of experimenting with it. 
          I’m sure that the next session would be dealing with hard concepts, but nevertheless we will enjoy it.  I’m hoping for more amazing and fascinating lab sessions! GO FOR PHYSICS! ^_^